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Èxit d’aprovats dels exàmens oficials d’anglès, francès i xinès!

A l’estiu arriben els resultats dels exàmens oficials que han fet els alumnes d’ESO, i han estat un èxit! Volem felicitar tots els nois i noies que s’hi han presentat
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Romans – 6th course

During this term the students of 6th course have been working on a project about  Ancient Rome. The final part of this task was an oral presentation about the different
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El llibre de cuina de 1r i 2n d’ESO

Els nois i noies de 1r i 2n d’ESO de l’Escola Betúlia han realitzat aquest llibre de receptes durant l’assignatura de projectes. Van entrevistar prèviament familiars i amics. Van gravar
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Examens oficials de francès i anglès

Als alumnes de 4t d’ESO se’ls acumula la feina a finals de curs! A més dels exàmens habituals de l’Escola, molts nois i noies s’han presentat als exàmens oficials del
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English Day – New Zealand

This year the English speaking day was centred on New Zealand. A fun-filled day with guest speaker Allister Simpson, a kiwi (someone from New Zealand and their native bird) and
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Teatre en anglès – Santa’s Pants

Els nens i nenes de cicle inicial han gaudit d’una obra de teatre nadalenca en anglès, Santa’s Pants. Com cada any, The lookout Company ens ha fet gaudir d’una agradable
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2n d’ESO Water Purification Plant

2nd Year ESO students go to the Water Purification Plant in Sant Joan Despí. Where does the water from the tap come from? How is the mud and all the
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American Day – our annual English Day

Our annual English Day this year was USA Day. It was a resounding success ! The day started with a fantastic talk from John Arboleda, an American from Los Angeles

Activitats Educació primària

3r primària – our orchard models

Students of 3rd course of Primary have learnt the names of the fruits and vegetables in English, following the Carnival theme worked at school. To finish the project, they created
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Australian Day 2016

Australian Day was a great success. The day was filled we a variety of activities all focussed on learning about Australians and their culture and language. As always the day
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Creation of an Ad – 2n ESO Publicity

Our students of 2nd of ESO have recorded a commercial in Publicity, a subject where they learn some of the main contents of this discipline. They had previously studied the market, also the target group,
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Scottish Day 2014-15

Instead of the usual English day this year 2015 we decided to celebrate Scottish Day. It showed the students one of the many forms of English that is spoken. The
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The Symphony orchestra – 1r ESO – 2014-15

Our 1st year secondary students of year 2014-15 have learnt the names of  the Symphony Instruments in Catalan and in English, they have learnt their main parts and also the types of instruments they

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English Day 2013-14

Part 1: Photography workshop As part of the English Day, we decided to do a photography workshop entirely in English for students of ESO. Joan Sèculi, our teacher, spent a full day