Australian Day 2016

Australian Day was a great success. The day was filled we a variety of activities all focussed on learning about Australians and their culture and language. As always the day was devoted to speaking and learning in English. With this in mind, the main activities of the day were: a web quest, a film study (Rabbit proof fence) and last but most definitely not least, a question and answer session with the Honorary Consul of Australia John Stuart Rochlin. The experience was both enriching and enlightening.

Here are just 10 of the things we learned from him:

  1. Australia is drier than Africa and 15 times bigger than Spain.
  2. A female Kangaroo can interrupt its pregnancy when there is a drought and restart it again when there is enough water for it’s Joey (a baby kangaroo).
  3. A koala doesn’t drink water and gets it from eating eucalyptus leaves.
  4. An emu and a kangaroo are the two animals that represent Australia because they can’t walk backwards and only walk forwards which is the national objective.
  5. The Australian economy has being growing for the past 24 years!
  6. Immigration is so strict in Australia because of the scarcity of water.
  7. There is very little crime in Australia because most people have a job and if you steal you go to prison!
  8. Australia is both lucky and clever. Lucky because it is rich in natural resources like gold etc and clever because it invests a lot of the money in research and development. As a result an Australian invented wifi , A plane’s black box and pace makers for people with heart problems.
  9. Between 1901 and 1903 a lot of Catalans moved to Melbourne and brought their culture with them including Castellers.
  10. FinalIy in 1967 Aborigines got the right to vote after many years of persecution and abuse (In Tasmania the British killed all of them!).
Escola Betúlia- Australian Day
Escola Betúlia- Australian Day