Saving Our Environment – Ecoparc del Mediterrani

In our endeavour to make our students more conscious of the impact they have on their environment. We took the 4th of ESO students to the Waste Treatment Centre at Sant Adrià de Besòs to find out what happens to the rubbish their families throw out.

It was shocking to see how much plastic we throw into the grey container. It is very clear that lots of people couldn’t care less about recycling.

Some might say, “why should we recycle, when they do it anyway?”  From our visit, we found out that there are two very good responses to this attitude.

Firstly, an economic one, nobody wants to pay more taxes and that is exactly what not recycling will mean which isn’t fair to those who do recycle. It must be said that there are plans to reduce taxes for those who can prove they recycle.

Secondly, the job is so massive that it is impossible to be 100% effective . The more we can do to help, the less the air is polluted – 373 people died last year in Barcelona because of pollution. In addition, less land would be filled with contaminating waste.

There is a lot we can do to improve the situation and by being more selective about what we buy we can reduce a lot of the rubbish we throw out.

How many of you reading this article buy fruit in plastic?

How many of you buy small plastic bottles of water rather than refilling a water bottle?

If we make a change the world will thank us!

Escola Betúlia - Ecoparc del Mediterrani
Escola Betúlia - Eco Parc del Mediterrani
Escola Betúlia - Ecoparc del Mediterrani